Versatile 260 Demo

A Versatile 260 tractor using a 530c Case disc gripper to plow a field. The job came out beautifully

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Ben Nelson

February 2, 2022

2 min read

 Versatile 260 Tractor

Video Transcript

Hi, Ben here with Farm Equipment USA. We're out at DG Turf Farms in Notis, Idaho. Beautiful mountains in the background. We're out running a 260 on a 530c case disk gripper doing a fantastic job. wWhat makes these tractors amazing is the torque. Phenomenal torque! He's running 1700 rpm and and just letting that engine log, and you see it pulling that disc gripper. It's just doing a fantastic job. Plenty of power! This grip is in about a foot and a half deep, leaving a fantastic job on the field. Just smooth and level. Plenty of horsepower. It's the nice thing about the Cummins motor behind these tractors. Phenomenal! It's not even working it. This ground is heavy packed. It's a sod farm, so they're using this, driving vehicles and everything else on it. First breaking out of it this year!