Deutz 9340 Demo

Deutz 9340 rides smooth while discing at blazing fast speeds.

Employee Portrait

Ben Nelson

February 2, 2022

2 min read

Deutz 9340 Tractor

Video Transcribed

Hi, Ben here with Farm Equipment USA. We're out to showcase the 9340 Deutz Fahr. We're at Cole Hungate's farm. Phenomenal piece of German engineering. I think the thing that stands out most is the front suspension and cab suspension. Cab suspension number one on this tractor. On the Norwood Qwik Till, we're going 14 miles an hour. I don't know of any tractors that you can go 14 miles an hour on and not get thrown out of the seat. This nNorwood disc behind it just impressive. Leveling job like no other. One-pass tillage right there. Just a smooth level job. We're going about 14 miles an hour, and as you can see, i'm not getting bounced around a ton. Usually I'd be bounced out of the cab. Nice and smooth! Right now, we're going 15 miles an hour, if you can see that on there. A little bit bouncy, but not terrible. I'm in the buddy seat right now. Anyways, for a demo, give us a call at 208-941-6000.

Okay, so fun fact, the farmer just came out and said there's a goose blind. Ed and I about both died right there. You can see the boards. Uh...good old eight foot hole. Eight foot wide and six foot deep. That could have been tragic. Fortunately the suspension on this is amazing. So maybe we would have rode it out? I don't know, Ed.