How to Fix a SPN 111 Error Code on Versatile Tractor

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Keith Shepherd

February 2, 2022

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Large Versatile tractor on dirt field

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Keith with Farm Equipment USA, and we're here today to learn about spn111. Which is a common error code that comes up on your tractor. So when we're dealing with a 111 18, I'm going to show you exactly where to find your code start your tractor. On your dash there'll be a yellow warning light that appears and a small book. When you see this small book, you automatically know that there is a fault code going wrong with your tractor. Use your up and down arrows here to your left, and you scroll down or up. And you get to where you see active fault. Once you see active faults (the button on the right that looks like a piece of paper ), you push it, and it brings up your code. Always take a picture of this code and send it to the guy working on your tractor so that he will know exactly what is going on with your tractor. The yellow warning light to the left also serves another purpose. It is a service light. If you have no code that comes on, but you still see this yellow service light, it might be time to change your fuel filters or oil filters. Okay, so, spn 111 18 is usually a low coolant code that comes up on your tractor. This is where your coolant sensor is. It's on the top tank. It's a reserve tank for your cooling. It's very crucial that you understand this will shut your tractor completely down if your coolant drops below the level of that sensor that I showed you. Your tractor will shut itself down. It will start back up immediately, but only run for about five to ten seconds and then shut down again. Sometimes at a high rev, you can maybe cheat it across the field to get to more coolant, but automatically you're gonna have to fill it up above this sensor in order for this tractor to run. So filling your coolant once a week. I tell all of my customers to have their guy climb up in the top of this tractor and fill this tank this tank. It is crucial it has to remain full at all times in order for your tractor to run at optimal performance. Your fill tank is here to my left. It's just a regular radiator cap. It is a15 pound radiator cap you remove. Push down, remove it, fill your tank. And I recommend that everyone, when you get your tractor, you make sure you take this cap off and you inspect it. You make sure this rubber seal is good> Make sure that that fill point is clean, so that you won't have any problems with anything leaking out of the top of that. Once a week, when it's cold, first thing in the morning, have your guy come up here and make sure that that thing is full. Otherwise you might be in the middle of a pass, and your tractor will shut down. Keith Shepherd from Farm Equipment USA. Thank you for your time. If you have any other questions or concerns contact us at (208) 941 - 6000