How to Perform a 3 Point Calibration on your Versatile Tractor

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Ben Nelson

February 2, 2022

2 min read

Large Versatile tractor

Video Transcript

This is Ben from Farm Equipment USA. We're going to show you everything you're going to need to know about three-point calibration. To calibrate the three-point, there's two buttons down below your remotes. Here's one and two. So this one is to lower. I use a screwdriver because it's a little easier to get into. And then the three point starts lowering, and what you want to do is manually lower this all the way to the ground. So we're just going to keep lowering it. Arm's already caught in it probably a big no-no. All right, we'll come over here. It takes a little while too, and usually you'll do this when you're up and down button is not working inside your tractor or that center button is flashing at you. That shows you that you're out of calibration, and it looks like we are all the way down. Okay, so, then we'll go up inside the cab, and we'll start calibrating it manually inside the cab. All right, we're back in the tractor. You want to turn your three-point calibration back on. You want to make sure your rocker control is in manual mode, and then you want to look at your calibration icon button here. It's in the center, and then right here, your height control. You want it all the way at zero, so we're going to start out. You want to hold this calibration control button for about 15 seconds. Takes forever. 15 seconds is a long time. There we go. 15 seconds and your button's are going to blink. You want to hold your lower button down for a second. Let up, and then you're going to hold your calibration button again for five seconds. One two, three, four, five. Now it goes to the up button, and then you're just gonna go from here. You're gonna raise it up, and you'll notice the the height is gonna turn green here. So I'm gonna start raising it. Raise it all the way to 99. We're almost complete. The last step is we're gonna hold the calibration button down for five more seconds. One, two, three, four, five, and now we're complete. That that is completely calibrated, so it's back to center. You'd want to set your speed back up to 99 or whatever you want it at, and your height adjustment to 99. So there you go, all right now the three point is completely calibrated. You want to now cycle your key off. Let the tractor shut down to save your configurations on your three-point. After that, it should work perfect!