Yanmar 221 Demo

A small tractor with a lion's heart

Employee Portrait

Ben Nelson

February 2, 2022

1 min read

Yanmar tractor hood emblem

Video Transcript

Hi Ben here from Farm Equipment USA. We're out at the Nelson ranch just to show how easy these 221 Yanmar's are to drive! I have my ten-year-old daughter on this tractor. She had about one minute of lessons. Impressive! She's never driven a Yanmar before. She's already got the dirt in the bucket. Simple, easy to drive. Nice thing about the 221 is it is agile. We can go into small spaces, as you can see. I had to take down the fence right there. We're kind of crowding out on that smaller section. Doing some planter boxes right now. See how well she does on dumping it. She only dumped it once, so, if she tags the planter boxes, I guess we've got a problem. Watch this...pretty impressive! It's nice to put these kids to work. One thing that's amazing about these Yanmar tractors is just what kind of research they've done to eliminate driver fatigue. If you look at the joystick that operates the loader right here on the right hand side above the arm rest. It's right hand's grip. It's easy to get to. It's not up on the dash. Another thing that makes Yanmar's special is they don't use a rocker for your foot. Which a rocker wears out your your your ankle. It's an unusual movement, so they use a forward and a back pedal. Another nice thing about the Yanmar 221 is there's more room between the steering wheel and the seat, which if you're a little bit taller it's, a little bit nicer. Just a really nice agile tractor. This tractor is a small compact tractor, but can do a ton of work. It is impressive!