Versatile Tractors are a Game-Changer for Local Farmer

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Employee Portrait

Ben Nelson

September 2, 2022

2 min read

Versatile tractor in a field at night

Video Transcript:

My name is Terry Walton. We farm in Emmett, Idaho. We farm about 2,000 acres. When we first got started, we found this tractor. And Ben Nelson, sure enough, he sold it to us and we've really enjoyed working with Ben. He's been great to us, and we've bought, i don't even know, I'd say 60 of our equipment I swear comes from Ben. We first got our first versatile. it was a 375. That was two and a half years ago. We had grown a lot in acreage in one year, and we needed to keep up. I'd known Ben Nelson for a while. We took on all this ground, so we were financially a little strapped. He gave us a great offer, and I thought it was worth a shot. So we tried it, and I honestly love that tractor. They're simple, and they're reliable as anything else I've ever ran. You can't tell me it's not going to compete with any other color out there.