How It All Started

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Employee Portrait

Ben Nelson

March 4, 2023

1 min read

Farm Equipment USA tractor


Farm Equipment USA started in like 2007-2008. We were farming, and we got in with the developers around the local area and we're doing a lot of custom work. And so in 07 and 08 the economy crashed. And the developers owed us a bunch of money and they were using our accounts to spray and fertilize and we went into the winter going what are we going to do. I was young. I had a couple young kids. I think my daughter had just been born. Yeah Lucy had just been born and so I really, you know, was kind of going what in the world. No one was hiring because it was a crash and we kept praying. My wife and I kept praying. We didn't know what we're going to do. And so one morning I woke up. And it wasn't audible, but it was clear God said just go sell farm equipment. And that's what I did. My wife woke up that morning. She said, "what are you doing?". I said "uh, I'm selling farm equipment". And she's like "okay". You know then you're crazy. So it was like a month, and we finally sold our first tracker on New Year's Eve. And we were just blown away! We were very thankful. So that's how it all started.